You are not alone. It's not your fault.

Are you new to an ADHD or autism diagnosis? Having a child with ADHD or autism brings challenges to your home and to your child's school experience. Understanding the disability helps.
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You are not alone.  It's not your fault.

Kind Words

“It's clear that Crystal's heart is in what she does! Thank you for sharing your passion!”

M. S.

Mom Dealing with Autism

“After listening to Dr. Cindi, a calmness replaced my fear and apprehension.”

R. T.

Overwhelmed by ADHD

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    Welcome to the course!
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    All About ADHD
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    • Exploring Invisible Disabilities Lesson Notes
    • All About ADHD
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    All About Autism
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    • All About Autism
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    Your Next Steps
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  • Who should take this course?

    Any parent who is tired of having problems with their child at home and school and is looking for answers. Any parent who suspects that their child may have autism or ADHD. A parent new to an ADHD or autism diagnosis.

  • Why should I pay for this course, instead of just looking at free YouTube videos?

    This course is presented by unique professionals with specific education and experience in ADHD and autism, instead of amateurs with limited knowledge and experience. Also, information from YouTube has not been vetted. Is it even based on the latest research? Our information is research based and has been proven to help the many families that we’ve supported. We are not just fellow special needs parents, but we’re also professionals offering a positive outlook for your family’s success.

  • Do you have military/single mother/good student/AAA discounts?

    No. Ms. Sanford and Dr. Britton have over 30 years combined expertise to share with you. The value and peace of mind gained from this course far outweighs the price tag. For the cost of a few coffees, you can empower yourself with knowledge to help you move forward.

  • Do you guarantee my child will act better?

    We guarantee an increase in your knowledge of ADHD and autism. However, each child and family are different. You will need to use the knowledge to appropriately apply it to your situation. We believe in you and are cheering you on!

  • If my situation is really bad, will your course help me?

    Yes. This course is an excellent starting point to better understand your child, regardless of your situation. Might ADHD or autism be the underlying factor for your child’s challenges? This course will help you find out more about the symptoms and best next steps. You are not alone!

  • What is the best way to use this course?

    Download the lesson notes. As you watch the videos, you can use the lesson notes as a guide. Or, you can just listen to the videos as you go about other tasks, as if it were a podcast. By owning the series, you’ll have access 24/7. Access the information at times that are best for your schedule.

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  • Instructors: Dr Britton & Ms Sanford

    Crystal has 20 years of experience supporting families, children and young adults with unique needs. She has provided services to individuals with a variety of needs, including ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Learning Differences. However, for the past 10 years, Autism has been her passion. In addition, she has gained hands-on experience while parenting her own daughter with High-Functioning Autism. Crystal holds an M.A. in Communicative Disorders from California State University, Northridge and an M.A. in Education from San Diego State University. When she is not supporting families of Autism or speaking life into the hearts of children and young adults, Crystal enjoys gardening, reading, and spending “non-technology” time with her husband and two daughters in San Diego, CA.

    Crystal Sanford

    Autism Specialist

    Crystal Sanford
  • Instructors: Dr Britton & Ms Sanford

    Cindi Britton, Ed.D. is a Life Coach, Educator and ADHD Specialist. She offers over 38 years of experience as a teacher and school principal. She is also a fellow ADHD parent and can relate to the enjoyment and challenges of parenting a child with ADHD. Dr. Britton offers a variety of services including: One to One ADHD Coaching for children, teens, young adults and adults, Parent Coaching, ADHD Parent Support with Teacher Conferences and IEP/504 Meetings. She transforms insecurity into CONFIDENCE, fear into ACTION and failure into SUCCESS. Personal Life Coaching and Organizational Consulting is my second career. My first career, of over 38 years, was in K-8 public education serving as a School Principal, District Coordinator and Teacher of grades K-8 in San Diego, California. Throughout my career I have assisted others in making transitions within their career as well as transitioning to new positions as I served as a “coach” to parents, teachers and students.

    Cindi Britton

    ADHD Specialist

    Cindi Britton