Frustration • Uncertainty • Criticism

Your Child with ADHD Needs You. Our Course Guides You to Eliminate

ADHD Parent Help

An ADHD diagnosis brings frustration to your home, and to your child's school experience.

  • What is ADHD really?
  • How can I navigate school for my child with ADHD?
  • Where can I find help?

Our course instructors have a combined 35 years experience solving problems for parents just like you.  And they have their own children with ADHD, so they understand how you are feeling!

  • Can you imagine a week without a critical email from your child's teacher?
  • Are you uncomfortable going in public with you child, uncertain how people will react to his/her behavior?
  • Is it frustrating to deal with school administrators who throw terms and labels at your child?

Our course provides actionable advice and proven strategy and expert knowledge to greatly reduce your child's frustration at home and at school.

Get rid of ADHD confusion once and for all

An ADHD diagnosis comes with questions and confusion.

How do you accommodate for a child with ADHD? • In this course, you will learn how ADHD is a brain-based disorder, and what that means for your child's learning. • We have research-tested strategies to help you guide your child to grow into their best life! • Save your sanity - ADHD is not your fault!

Navigate School Like a Pro!

Save your money

You could hire an ADHD advocate or ADHD attorney.  These professionals understand all the terms and lingo that school administrators will use when discussing your child with ADHD.

  • ADHD Educational Advocate:  $25-75 an hour
  • ADHD Attorney:  $200-500 an hour

Instead, take our course.  You will learn the lingo and understand the vocabulary of ADHD and

  • Go into any ADHD meeting with confidence! 
  • Build a body of knowledge you can be proud of!
  • Navigate school like a pro!

Feedback From Parents

“I am impressed with your compassion and expertise and excellence - it shows even through the video screen!”

T. J.

Frustrated Mom

“Everyone is telling me how to handle my difficult son - even strangers at Target! Thank you for telling the truth about ADHD, and what to do to help him in school.”

S. M.

Too Much Bad Advice

Busy Parents Get the Answers They Need Here

Save your time

As a parent of a child with ADHD, you have your hands full! • Our course puts you in the right direction when you need more help. • We recommend only the best and most accurate research-based books, blogs, websites, and parent support groups. • You wont waste your time with misinformation or bad advice!

Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome and Introductions

  • 02

    Supplies and Preparation

    • Supplies and Preparation

  • 03

    How to Use this Course

    • How to Use this Course

  • 04

    Potential Problems

    • Time Pressure

  • 05

    What is ADHD? A Definition and Explanation

    • Lesson Notes: What is ADHD?

    • What is ADHD?

    • BONUS VIDEO: What does "brain-based disorder" mean?

    • BONUS VIDEO: My child has been diagnosed with ADHD. Is this my fault, or his father's?

    • BONUS VIDEO: Does eating sugar cause ADHD?

    • BONUS VIDEO: It's hard to bring my child to see family because I feel like a bad mother when he misbehaves.

    • BONUS VIDEO: If I were more structured, more disciplined, would my child be normal?

    • BONUS VIDEO: What are some things the Conners and Vanderbilt Scales are looking for?

    • BONUS VIDEO: How can I get a copy of the Conners or Vanderbilt Scale?

  • 06

    What is ADHD? Executive Function

    • Lesson Notes: ADHD and Executive Function

    • Executive Function

    • BONUS VIDEO: Why can't my child with ADHD simply follow a to-do list?

    • BONUS VIDEO: Is my child with ADHD really bright? He can't even sit still to do his multiplication tables.

    • BONUS VIDEO: How can I help my stubborn teen with ADHD get his homework done?

  • 07

    How to Navigate the School System for Your Child With ADHD: IEP vs. 504

    • Lesson Notes: IEP vs. 504

    • IEP vs. 504

    • BONUS VIDEO: will there be IEP's or 504's in middle school and high school?

    • BONUS VIDEO: He was fine in elementary school. Why does the middle school want an IEP?

    • BONUS VIDEO: How much time off work do I have to take for an IEP?

    • BONUS VIDEO: We moved. Does my child's IEP follow her, or do we have to start over?

  • 08

    Where You Can Get Help: Private Resources

    • Lesson Notes: Private Resources

    • Private Resources

    • BONUS VIDEO: My child's behavior is so bad, I'm embarrassed to take him to the doctor.

    • BONUS VIDEO: How do I know my doctor is qualified to diagnose and treat a child with ADHD?

    • BONUS VIDEO: I want a natural, holistic treatment for my child's ADHD using herbs, meditation, and other natural practices.

    • BONUS VIDEO: Will the doctor automatically put my child with ADHD on medication?

    • BONUS VIDEO: How is an ADHD coach beneficial? I already have a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist...

    • BONUS VIDEO: My mother-in-law says it's all my fault.

    • BONUS VIDEO: Psychiatrist? Psychologist? Or both?

    • BONUS VIDEO: Are these extra resources typically covered by insurance?

  • 09

    Where You Can Get Help: References & Resources

    • Lesson Notes: References & Resources

    • References & Resources

    • BONUS VIDEO: What's wrong with just watching YouTube videos to get answers?

    • BONUS VIDEO: Are there any Facebook groups you would recommend for parents of children with ADHD?

    • BONUS VIDEO: What organization should I join?

  • 10

    Positive Communication is Effective Communication

    • Lesson Notes: Parent Communication Tips

    • Parent Communication

    • BONUS VIDEO: I like my child's teacher, but I don't like the speech therapist. What can I do?

    • BONUS VIDEO: My child has been put in a special classroom without my consent.

    • BONUS VIDEO: My child's middle school math teacher is too strict. She doesn't understand my child simply cannot sit still.

    • BONUS VIDEO: Why does the IEP process take so long?

    • BONUS VIDEO: I agreed to place my child in a special class. But those kids are wild! How can my child improve in such a crazy classroom?

  • 11

    Way to Go!

    • Congratulations!

Bonus Videos

Includes answers to the questions that parents like you want to know!

  • Lesson Notes

    Save time by using our complete and detailed Lesson Notes for each informative video! Download the Lesson Notes to read on your own, or print out to take notes on as you watch the videos. Learn the way that works best for you!

  • Expert Answers

    Your purchase includes THIRTY Bonus Videos with Expert Answers to the questions parents like you have. Each Bonus Video focuses on one common concern of parents of children of ADHD, but often are hesitant to ask.

  • Email Support

    If the Expert Answers leave you with more questions, Cindi and Crystal are just an email away.


  • Who should take this course?

    • If you are a parent of a school-aged child with an ADHD diagnosis • If you are struggling to understand why your child with ADHD responds the way they do. • If you cannot get the school on the same page about your child's needs. • If you dread bringing your child with ADHD along when you run errands. • If you want strategies to bring out the best in your child with ADHD.

  • How is this course different from other material available online for free?

    Our information is research based and has been proven to help the many families that we’ve supported in a variety of school settings. In addition, we are fellow special needs parents and professionals with years of experience in ADHD and Autism. As a result, we can offer a positive outlook for your family’s success. Lastly, the validity of YouTube content can be questionable.

  • Do you have military/single mother/good student/AAA discounts?

    No, we do not offer discounts. Instead, we offer valuable content that will empower you with knowledge and help you and your family move forward.

  • Do you guarantee my child will act better?

    We guarantee an increase in your knowledge of ADHD and autism. However, each child and family are different. You will need to use the knowledge to appropriately apply it to your situation. We believe in you and are cheering you on!

  • If my situation is really bad, will your course help me?

    Yes. This course is excellent way to better understand your child, regardless of your situation. Might ADHD be the underlying factor for your child’s challenges? This course will help you find out more about the symptoms and best steps for you and your family. You are not alone!

  • What is the best way to use this course?

    Download the lesson notes. As you watch the videos, you can use the lesson notes as a guide. Or, you can just listen to the videos as you go about other tasks, as if it were a podcast. By owning the series, you’ll have access 24/7. Access the information at times that are best for your schedule.

  • What if things still aren't getting better?

    Please email Cindi or Crystal if you still are struggling after putting in practice all your new course materials. We want you to have peace in your home! Perhaps there is something you wish to get clarification on. Let us help! However, if you are not satisfied with all the new knowledge this course brings to you, we will cheerfully refund your money within 30 days.

End frustration by learning from experts who have been where you are!

Get the answers you are looking for

About our Instructors

Meet Cindi Britton, Ed.D and Crystal Sanford, M.Ed

Cindi Britton, Ed.D. is a Life Coach, Educator and ADHD Specialist. She offers over 38 years of experience as a teacher and school principal. She is also a fellow ADHD parent and can relate to the enjoyment and challenges of parenting a child with ADHD. Dr. Britton offers a variety of services including: One to One ADHD Coaching for children, teens, young adults and adults, Parent Coaching, ADHD Parent Support with Teacher Conferences and IEP/504 Meetings. She transforms insecurity into CONFIDENCE, fear into ACTION and failure into SUCCESS. Personal Life Coaching and Organizational Consulting is my second career. My first career, of over 38 years, was in K-8 public education serving as a School Principal, District Coordinator and Teacher of grades K-8 in San Diego, California. Throughout my career I have assisted others in making transitions within their career as well as transitioning to new positions as I served as a “coach” to parents, teachers and students.

Cindi Britton

ADHD Specialist

Crystal has 20 years of experience supporting families, children and young adults with unique needs. She has provided services to individuals with a variety of needs, including ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Learning Differences. However, for the past 10 years, Autism has been her passion. In addition, she has gained hands-on experience while parenting her own daughter with High-Functioning Autism. Crystal holds an M.A. in Communicative Disorders from California State University, Northridge and an M.A. in Education from San Diego State University. When she is not supporting families of Autism or speaking life into the hearts of children and young adults, Crystal enjoys gardening, reading, and spending “non-technology” time with her husband and two daughters in San Diego, CA.

Crystal Sanford

Autism Specialist

Thousands of Parents Have a Level of Peace in their Home They Never Thought Possible!

Get ready to refocus your child's bright, yet unfocused, mind!

By the end of this ADHD Parent Master Course course, you will have the three pillars of knowledge.  You will know 

  1. WHAT ADHD is, 

  2. HOW to navigate school for your child with ADHD,

  3. WHERE you can get help. 

Knowledge is POWER! 

You will save your sanity once you learn exactly how ADHD truly is a brain-based disorder. 

You will save thousands of dollars on advocate and attorney fees. You will be able to navigate the school system like a pro!

You will save hours of your limited time because you will know where you can get the help you need for your child.

Don't Wait. Your Child is Not Getting Better On Their Own.

You care about your child, but you may have other children and your spouse to care about, too. Does your life have to revolve around the needs of your child with ADHD? No. Our course guides you in techniques so you will have peace in your home!