Do You Make These Mistakes?

  • Do you go on a big grocery trip, then have food go bad because you never get around to serving it?

  • Is it 4pm, and you have no idea what to serve your family for dinner?

  • Did you spend hours shopping and preparing the hot new recipe from Pinterest, just to have your family not eat it?

  • Do you stay up late cleaning the dinner dishes after soccer practice, the ballet recital, and helping with homework?

Always have an answer to the question, "What's for dinner?"

Freezer meals are dinners you have prepared in advanced and frozen for later. These One Day One Month Freezer Meal video lessons will teach you a system of making freezer meals. At the end of the lessons, you will have the • skills • inspiration • habits • to maintain the One Day One Month Freezer Meal lifestyle on your own!

Get Rid of Stressful Dinnertime Cooking and Cleaning Once and For All!

Why Freezer Meals?

  • Easily Avoid Fast Food

    You will have healthy, home cooked dinners that your family will actually eat.

  • Save Time

    You've already done all the meal prep, so there is no stress at dinnertime.

  • Save Money

    By planning, you will save money and have less waste

Kind Words

“This is so innovative and creative. Just doing the numbers in my head I can only image how much we could save every month!”

Kashari W.

Busy Mom

“Luckily I found these videos! They are so easy to follow and the meals are to die for! Even the pickiest one (my husband) was so impressed! Great videos, you have me as a follower for life! ”

Tosh W.

Picky Eaters

Who else wants to make dinnertime easy, nutritious, and delicious without all the daily cooking and cleanup?

  • Actionable advice on how to adapt recipes your family already likes into freezer meals

  • Clear video lessons you can watch as often as you need to

  • 25 chapters filled with video lessons demonstrating each technique and strategy

  • Printable pdfs of each video lesson for your notes

  • Recipes! Recipes! Recipes!

Course Curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome!

    • Welcome Notes

    • Lesson 1 Homework

  • 02


    • Supplies Needed

    • Supplies Notes

    • Supplies Notes with Purchase Links

    • Lesson 2 Homework

  • 03

    The No Freeze List

    • The No Freeze List

    • Lesson 3 Notes

    • Lesson 3 Homework

    • For Group Discussion

  • 04

    Picking the Recipes

    • Picking the Recipes

    • Lesson 4 Notes

    • Lesson 4 Homework

    • Discussion Question

    • Tonya's Meal Chart

    • Blank Meal Chart

  • 05

    Dividing the Dinners

    • Dividing the Dinners

    • Lesson 5 Notes

    • Lesson 5 Homework

    • Discussion Questions

  • 06

    Ground Beef Shopping List

    • Ground Beef Shopping List

    • Lesson 6 Notes

    • Lesson 6 Homework

    • Shopping List - Blank

    • Ground Beef Shopping List: Tonya's Writing

    • Ground Beef Shopping List: Tonya's Writing

    • Brown Sugar Meatloaf Recipe

    • Refrigerator Potatoes Recipe

    • Cornish Pasty Recipe

    • Meatball Stew Recipe

    • Lazy Lasagna Recipe

    • Modify the Measurement Table

  • 07

    Ground Beef Prep Plan

    • Ground Beef Prep Plan

    • Lesson 7 Notes

    • Prep Plan - Blank

    • Ground Beef Prep Plan: Tonya's Writing

    • Modify the Measurement Table

    • Lesson 7 Homework

    • Discussion Question

  • 08

    Ground Beef Assembly Line

    • Ground Beef Assembly LIne

    • Lesson 8 Notes

    • Lesson 8 Homework

    • Discussion Questions

  • 09

    Ground Beef Packaging

    • Cornish Pasty

    • Refridgerator Potatoes

    • Lazy Lasagna

    • Spicy Rice Skillet

    • Meatball Stew

    • Brown Sugar Meatloaf

    • Lesson 9 Notes

    • Lesson 9 Homework

  • 10

    Ground Beef Results

    • Ground Beef Results Video

    • Lesson 10 Notes

    • Lesson 10 Homework

    • Modify Your Recipes

  • 11

    Chicken Shopping List

    • Chicken Shopping List

    • Chicken Shopping List Notes

    • Blank Shopping List

    • Chicken Shopping List: Tonya's Writing

    • Modifying the Measurement Table

    • Turkey Pot Pie Recipe

    • Turkey n Stuffing Pie Recipe

    • Chicken Tamale Casserole Recipe

    • Bacon, Ranch, and Chicken Mac and Cheese Recipe

    • Chicken Casserole Recipe

    • Chicken Stuffed with Spinach, Feta, and Pine Nuts Recipe

    • Superfast Chicken Posole Recipe

    • Chicken and Biscuits Recipe

    • Heidi Biscuits

    • Herbed Butter Pats Recipe

    • Lesson 11 Homework

  • 12

    Chicken Prep

    • Chicken Prep

    • How to Poach Chicken

    • Big Batch of Poached Chicken Recipe

    • How to Flash Freeze Vegetables

    • How to Freeze Fruits Such As Avocados

    • How to Blanch Vegetables

    • Chicken Prep Notes

    • Blank Prep Plan

    • Chicken Prep Plan: Tonya's Writing

    • Lesson 12 Homework

  • 13

    Chicken Assembly Line

    • Chicken Assembly Line

    • Chicken Assembly Line Notes

    • Lesson 13 Homework

    • Discussion Questions

  • 14

    Chicken Packaging

    • Chicken Stuffed with Spinach, Feta, and Pine Nuts

    • Turkey Pot Pie

    • Turkey 'n' Stuffing Pie

    • Superfast Chicken Posole

    • Bacon, Ranch, and Chicken Mac and Cheese

    • Chicken Tamale Casserole

    • Chicken Casserole

    • Chicken and Biscuits

    • Heidi Biscuits

    • Herbed Butter Pats

    • Chicken Packaging Notes

    • Lesson 14 Homework

  • 15

    Chicken Results

    • Chicken Results Video

    • Chicken Results Notes

    • Lesson 15 Homework

  • 16

    Your Results

    • Your Results Video

    • Your Results Notes

    • Lesson 16 Homework

  • 17

    Other Recipes Shopping List

    • Other Recipes Shopping List

    • Other Recipes Shopping List

    • Blank Shopping List

    • Lesson 17 Homework

    • Other Recipes Shopping List: Tonya's Writing

    • Vegetable and Sausage Soup Recipe

    • Sticky Bones Recipe

    • Spinach and Cheese Quiche Recipe

    • Potato Ham Casserole Recipe

    • Healthy Fish Chowder Recipe

    • Ham and Noodle Toss

    • Fish Tacos

    • Apple Pie Recipe

    • Guacamole Recipe

  • 18

    Other Recipes Prep

    • Other Recipes Prep

    • Apple Pie

    • Guacamole

    • Blanch Potatoes and Broccoli

    • Cotija Cheese

    • Blank Prep Plan

    • Lesson 18 Notes

    • Lesson 18 Homework

    • Other Recipes Prep Plan: Tonya's Writing

  • 19

    Other Recipes Assembly Line

    • Other Recipes Assembly LIne

    • Lesson 19 Notes

    • Lesson 19 Homework

  • 20

    Other Recipes Packaging

    • Fish Tacos

    • Healthy Fish Chowder

    • Spinach & Cheese Quiche

    • Sticky Bones

    • Ham & Noodle Toss

    • Potato Ham Casserole

    • Vegetable Sausage Soup

    • Lesson 20 Notes

  • 21

    Other Recipes Results

    • Other Recipes Results Video

    • Lesson 21 Notes

  • 22

    How to Thaw and Heat Freezer Meals

    • How to Thaw and Heat Freezer Meals

    • Lesson 22 Notes

  • 23

    Fruits and Vegetables and Your Freezer

    • How to Freeze an Abundance of Fruits and Vegetables

  • 24

    How to Maintain Your One Day One Month Freezer Meal Lifestyle

    • Leftovers

    • Soup

    • New Recipes

    • Buy in Bulk

    • Charts

    • Friends

    • Lesson 24 Notes

  • 25


    • You did it!

Who else is tired of throwing out food?

Freezer Meals Save Money

You may be inspired to try something new, but never get around to making the recipe. You buy in bulk, but never use that food. You are tired of leftovers, but feel guilty throwing away food. With freezer meals there is less waste, so you save money!
freezer meals

See How Easily You Can Always Have the Answer to the Question, "What's for Dinner?"

Freezer Meals Save Time

  • Simply pull out a freezer meal the night before!
  • Fill your freezer with your family's favorite meals!
  • Be a blessing to others by bringing a freezer meal to a new mom, or someone recovering from surgery!

Thousands now have easy and stress-free dinnertime who never thought they could!

Build a freezer full of dinners you can be proud of!

  • Recipes!

    29 recipes to download! Watch each delicious recipe prepared on video for the freezer! But more importantly, Tonya teaches you how to take recipes you already know your family likes and adapt them for freezer meals.

  • Designed for your success

    Actionable advice and strategy is reinforced with straight forward homework assignments. Print out the lesson notes to refer to any time. Includes fillable shopping lists and easy ingredient conversion charts.

  • Step by step video of each technique and process

    59 video lessons for one low price! From Planning to Shopping to Preparation to Assembly to Results, Tonya leaves nothing out in these comprehensive video lessons.


  • Who should take this course?

    If at dinnertime, everyone in the home looks at you, then you should take this course!

  • Why should I pay for this course, instead of just looking at free YouTube cooking videos?

    With Joy Lab you get the answers you need by an experienced home cook. You will not make the common mistakes, mistakes that cost you time and money, because Joy Lab will you how to avoid them. With Joy Lab you get a lot of practice adapting all different kinds of recipes into freezer meals, all in one place, which other free sites cannot provide. Other free sites do not know about your picky eater, while Joy Lab teaches you how to change dinners you know your family will eat into freezer meals. With your time and effort, and Joy Lab, you will fill your freezer with dinners, so there will be no stress at dinnertime. Commit to success!

  • Why is it so expensive? Do you have military/single mother/good student/AAA discounts?

    You get 30 hours of videos with an experienced home cook which clearly demonstrate the One Day One Month Freezer Meal system. Private cooking lessons cost $65-$350 for a three hour class. One day group cooking classes cost $55-$250. A semester at a community college cooking class costs $135-$750. We are unable to offer discounts. Watch this course, read the notes, do the homework, and you will gain the skills, inspiration, and habits to maintain the One Day One Month Freezer Meal method on your own, saving hundreds of dollars in groceries!

  • What if I am a picky eater/vegetarian/Paleo/etc?

    With the One Day One Month Freezer Meal System, Joy Lab teaches you how to change the foods you already eat into freezer meals. You save time and money, and always have healthy, home cooked meals!

  • What is the best way to use this course?

    Watch one chapter of videos. Read the notes, which are an outline of the video. Do the homework.

  • Do you like Disney?

    Of course! Doesn’t everyone?

  • Is that a bird I hear?

    Yes, it’s Chirpy the Cockatiel.

What's for dinner? With freezer meals, you will always have a delicious, home cooked dinner ready.

Get started now


Tonya spent too much time following other people's freezer meal plans, and wasted too much money making freezer meal dinners that her family didn't like. So she developed the One Day One Month Freezer Meal system, which is specifically designed for each person to be able to create freezer meals that their family will actually eat. Years in development, this One Day One Month Freezer Meal system is here to make your life easier!

Tonya Lehman

Freezer Meal Master

You have reached the end of the page. But your journey of success starts here!

Have a joyful life! Just watch...and learn!