See How Easily You Can Transform Boring Leftovers into Freezer Meal Dinners Your Family Will Love!

• Are you tired of wasting money throwing away perfectly good food? • Do you dread eating the same thing, yet again? • Our FREE booklet will introduce you to the quick and easy method to transform leftovers into exciting freezer meals your family will actually eat!

About the Author

Tonya spent too much time following other people's freezer meal plans, and wasted too much money making freezer meal dinners that her family didn't like. So she developed the One Day One Month Freezer Meal system, which is specifically designed for each person to be able to create freezer meals that their family will actually eat. Years in development, this One Day One Month Freezer Meal system is here to make your life easier!

Tonya Lehman

Freezer Meal Home Cook

What are Freezer Meals?

  • Prepared and Frozen By You

    Complete dinners are prepared and frozen, to be thawed and enjoyed later.

  • Money Saving

    Stop wasting food! Rework your leftovers into new and delicious dinners, frozen to enjoy later.

  • Time Saving

    Spend an hour turning your leftovers into freezer meals, and you will have quick dinners for a week!

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