Passing chemistry is possible, but it is not easy.

First Year Chemistry Problem Solving eBook

Thousands of students have gotten high grades in chemistry who never thought they could! Using this valuable 84-page eBook can help! But you must work at it.

Don't Make the Mistakes Other Students Make

Why should I buy another chemistry book?

  • Each straight forward chapter prepares you to have the strategies to succeed in chemistry class.

  • Build the correct habits and strategies to quickly get your homework done accurately, and your exams questions free of error.

  • 9 chapters quickly train you how to approach every type of problem you will encounter in chemistry class.

  • Written by an experienced college professor, this is what he wishes his students knew before coming to class.

  • And our author has a sense of humor!

What People Are Saying

“Everyone in my class is confused. The teacher doesn't have time to answer all our questions. This book is something I can turn to for answers. And I understand it!”

R. M.

Not Confused Anymore

“I didn't like how frustrated my daughter was in chemistry class. I tried talking to the teacher, but he just said to study more. Each day she seemed to fall behind. She didn't want another chemistry book, but I convinced her to try this e-Book. I can't believe the improvement! She is actually happy to go to class now!”

S. D.

My Teen Gets It Now

“I knew college would be harder than high school. I got this ebook to get a head start for my chemistry class. I actually read it before school started. I am top of the class! Other students ask the professor questions, and I already know the answer haha!”

E. G.

Best in My College Class


  • Who should use this eBook?

    High school chemistry students, home schoolers, first year college chem students, high school teachers who suddenly find themselves teaching chemistry in addition to coaching volleyball.

  • Why should I pay for this eBook? I already have a textbook.

    A textbook simply covers the material. With this eBook you get the guidance you need by an experienced professional college professor. You will not make the common mistakes other chemistry students make, because we know these mistakes and train you to avoid them. Other free websites do not provide calculator guidance. Commit to success. Be at the top of your class!

  • Do you have military/single mother/good student/AAA discounts?

    We are unable to offer discounts. With this eBook you get nine chapters that cover the lingo, calculator skills, nomenclature, significant figures, dimensional analysis, stoichiometry, solutions, gases, acids and bases. The eBook includes over 100 practice problems with solutions. This is a quality product. Study this eBook, and you will gain a solid foundation for your chemistry class success!

  • Do you guarantee I’ll get an A?

    It all depends on you. So, no, we do not guarantee you’ll earn an A. To succeed in almost anything takes time and practice and effort. If you think chemistry is too hard, and you give up on the first difficult problem, then you will not get an A. If you study the eBook, work every one of these problems (maybe even more than once), and read your text book, and pay attention to your teacher, you will understand chemistry and how to work the problems correctly. That is a good way to ace chemistry! You can do it!

  • If I’m failing chemistry, will your eBook help me pass?

    This eBook will help you get a solid foundation in understanding chemistry. This eBook will help keep you from getting confused with each new chapter. But if you are just finding us, and already failing chemistry, it is probably too late. Unless you are willing to work long and hard, and work every one of these problems (maybe even more than once), it will be unlikely you will get your grade out of the F range. But, if you study this eBook, the next time you take chemistry you will succeed!

  • What calculator do I need?

    Use the calculator that your instructor suggests, or requires. It should have a log key and an exponent key.

Meet the Author

Our chemistry professor has taught for over three decades. Professor Lehman got his Masters of Science in Chemistry at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, and his teaching credential at the University of California, Riverside. After spending a few years teaching middle school physical science and high school chemistry, Professor Lehman found his calling at the community college. Many of his students go on to pharmacy school, pharm tech programs, nursing courses, medical school, and forensic science degrees. After teaching for so many years he determined the biggest factor for success in chemistry - working lots and lots of chemistry problems. Professor Lehman developed this video course to give his students ample practice in all the common questions on any chemistry exam. He knows what skills students need to succeed in first year chemistry.

Professor Lehman

Chemistry Professor

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